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Why Study at FKEKK?

As a future engineer, choosing the right place to develop academically, personally and cultivate lifelong connections is one of the most important decisions you will make. Here at FKEKK, we offer these growth opportunities and provide you 10 reasons why you should join us at FKEKK.

  • Experience learning from the expert – Renowned and well respected in their field of expertise, our Professors, Associate professors, Doctor and Lectures are recognized among the best that share the same passion in sharing knowledge to you.
  • Preparing for your future – By offering the latest possible education curricular and industrial relevant knowledge, we are helping you to have a brighter and prosperous career.
  • Employability? Non-issue – Our pass and present statistic prove it, with very high percentage of our graduates manage to secure permanent job within 6 months after graduate.
  • Up-to-date research – We will guide your research interest with our advanced facilities and transform it to become relevant, high-impact and profitable outcomes.
  • Earn while you learn –Research Assistance and Funds allocation are provided for you, so that you can focus solely on learning and perform your best without distractions.
  • Innovative teaching – Besides conventional lectures, our faculty is implementing an innovative teaching and learning techniques with conducive classroom surroundings and reliable e-learning system.
  • Smart-partnership: Local and Abroad – Our faculty have strong partnership with other international and local universities with opportunities for students to involve in various mobility programs.
  • Professionally Qualified – Certified by respective body and organizations. FKEKK staff are dedicated and professional personal, ready to assist and guide you.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship – You are encouraged to actively participate in various competition and entrepreneur activities organized by the faculties.
  • Industry partnership – MIMOS, Man & Tel and SMC Corporation are just few name to mention as our industry partner.


Need more reason? Contact Us now and we will reveal more reason why you should study at FKEKK.