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Do you want to further your study by obtaining a master’s degree from not one but two top institutions? Would you like to gain international experience during your master’s programme? At Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering (FKEKK), Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), commencing September 2015, students have a great opportunity to enroll in a “Double Degree Master Programme” in collaboration with one of our top partner institutions; (RoUAS), Germany. By choosing our new double master degree student will gain advanced knowledge and skills in two fields that complement each other, which will help student stand out when seeking a career change or career advancement.

The Program is implemented as part of the existing Master’s Degree Program at FKEKK, UTeM and RoUAS. The program gives an extraordinary opportunity to obtain 2 degrees in 3 semesters: the Master of Electronic Engineering (Electronic System), awarded by the UTeM and a second internationally recognized degree, Master of Electrical Engineering (EE) / Information Technology (IT) awarded by the RoUAS. A student may choose to follow either track of RoUAS-UTeM-UTeM (first semester at RoUAS and the second and third semester at UTeM or UTeM-RoUAS-UTeM (first and third semester at UTeM and the second semester at RoUAS).

Student will pay the tuition fees (if any) at his home university. Tuition fees at the host university will not be charged. Administration fees and non-academic fees to be paid during the registration are not considered as tuition fees.



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