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Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours

A broad-based course which combines engineering science, mathematics, electrical and electronic engineering fundamentals, and develops in students the mastery of electronic engineering principles and applications to solve complex electronic engineering problems.

UPU Code: UC6523003

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours offered by the faculty is a broad-based course which combines engineering science, mathematics, electrical and electronic engineering fundamentals, and develops in students the mastery of electronic engineering principles and applications to solve complex electronic engineering problems. Students will undergo 3 years of common curriculum upon which they can decide a programme with emphasis on computer engineering, industrial electronics, telecommunication electronics or wireless communication in the final year. The broad-based programme will provide the solid foundation in theoretical understanding to allow students to undertake problem analysis and identifications, formulation and generate appropriate solutions in the broad field of electrical and electronic engineering. The curriculum helps to hone the generic skills of the students and prepare them  the opportunities to perform research, present their findings, implement and provide engineering solutions.

Career Prospect

Career prospect for FKEKK graduates is extremely good. Graduates from this course can be employed in the fields of electronic engineering as industrial electronic engineers, computer engineers, telecommunication engineers and wireless communication engineers and other numerous related engineering professions. They can be engineers in the industrial automation systems, industrial electronic, control systems, electronic instrumentation, computerised system in manufacturing and production industries, plant engineers in industries, manufacturing computer product such as computers and computer peripherals, system engineers in industries manufacturing computer based product, telecommunication systems and wireless communication systems.

Graduates who have special interest in the academic fields can become academicians such as lecturers and researchers in institutions of higher education, the universities and research centres and agencies.

Upon being qualified as professional engineers, they can practice locally as well as in countries who are members of the Washington Accord.

Graduates who choose not to become employee can be self-employed and opt to be involved in business and become successful entrepreneurs in their areas of expertise.

Fakrulradzi bin Idris, PhD
Head of Department

The programme is designed in an integrated manner to build up the students’ engineering expertise from fundamentals to addressing of specific engineering challenges with the opportunity to develop specialization in focused areas of interest. 

Siti Khadijah binti Idris @ Othman, PhD

Programme Coordinator

The programmes offered by the faculty have been accredited by the relevant professional institutions and are qualified to register with the Board of Engineers Malaysia as the first step towards becoming a professional engineer.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) & Programme Outcomes (PO)

Curriculum Structure

Semester 1

BLHW 1702/
BLHL 1012*
Islamic and Asian Civilization(TITAS)/
Malay Language Communication
BKKX xxx1Co-Curriculum I1W
BLHW 1442English for Academic Purposes2W
BMFG 1313Engineering Mathematics 13P
BEKG 1123Principles of Electrical and Electronics3P
BMFG 1213Engineering Materials3P
BEKG 1233Principles of Instrumentation and Measurement 3P

Semester 2

BKKX xxx1Co-Curriculum II1W
BMCG 1013Differential Equations3P
BITG 1233Computer Programming3P
BENG 1413Digital Electronics3P
BMCG 1523Engineering Graphics and CAD3P
BENG 1132Engineering Practice2K
BLHL 1XX2Language Electives2E

Semester 3

BLHW 2712/
BLHW 2752*
Ethnic Relations/
Malaysian Culture
BEKG 2443 Engineering Mathematics 23P
BEKG 2433Electrical Systems3P
BENC 2413Digital System3K
BENT 2713Circuit Theory 13K
BENE 2123Fundamental of Electronics3K
BENG 2211Electronic Engineering Lab 11K

Semester 4

BLHW 2452 Academic Writing2W
BENG 2143 Engineering Statistics3P
BENC 2423Microprocessor Technology3K
BENT 3733Signals and Systems3K
BENT 2723Circuit Theory 23K
BENE 2133Analogue Electronics3K
BENG 2431Electronic Engineering Lab 21K

Semester 5

BTMW 4012Technology Entrepreneurship2W
BENG 4322Engineer and Society2P
BENT 3753Communication Principles3K
BENC 3443Multimedia Technology and Applications3K
BENE 3143Electronic System Design and Analysis3K
BENT 3743Electromagnetic Fields and Waves3K
BENG 3211Electronic Engineering Lab 31K

Semester 6

BLHW 3462English For Professional Interaction2W
BMFG 4623Engineering Economy and Management3P
BENU 3863Integrated Design Project3P
BENT 4733Digital Signal Processing3K
BENE 3223Control Principles and Systems3K
BENG 3761Electronic Engineering Lab 41K
BLHX XXX2General Elective2E

Special Semester

BENU 3005Industrial Training5P

Semester 7

BENU 4972Bachelor Degree Project 12P
BENU 4131Engineering Seminar1P
BENE 4333Artificial Intelligence3K
BENG 4711Electronic Engineering Lab 51K
BENX xxx3Engineering Elective 13E
BENX xxx3Engineering Elective 23E

Semester 8

BENU 4984Bachelor Degree Project 24P
BENC 4453Computer Architecture3K
BENX xxx3Engineering Elective 33E
BENX xxx3Engineering Elective 43E

Electives Courses

BENC 4463Microcontroller Technology3E
BENE 4233Industrial Control3E
BENT 4773Telecommunication System Engineering
BENT 4783Wireless Communication System3E
BENC 4473Digital Integrated Circuit Design3E
BENE 4253IC Design and Process3E
BENT 4793Microwave Engineering3E
BENT 4813Data Communication and Networking3E
BENC 4483Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
BENE 4243Industrial Automation3E
BENT 4823Digital Communication System3E
BENT 4833Antenna and Wave Propagation3E
BENC 4513Embedded Software Design3E
BENE 4343Power Electronics and Drives3E
BENT 4843Optoelectronics3E
BENT 4853Radio Navigation System3E


Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektronik dan Kejuruteraan Komputer (FKEKK)
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM),
Hang Tuah Jaya, 76100,
Durian Tunggal, Melaka, Malaysia.

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