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Vision, Mission & Objectives


To become a reputable world-class centre of excellence in Electronic Engineering.



To produce highly competent electronic engineers through world class higher technical education based on application oriented teaching, learning and research with smart university-industry partnership in line with national aspirations.



  1. To produce electronic engineers who are responsible to the Creator, the nation and the society.
  2. To provide the best and updated courses in Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering.
  3. To create an excellent culture in research, development, innovation and consultancy.
  4. To ensure excellent co-operation and relationship between the faculty and the industries.
  5. To produce competent graduates who are capable of competing globally.
  6. To publish excellent and beneficial academic materials for the nation.
  7. To provide up-to-date facilities and equipment for teaching and learning.
  8. To provide relevant facilities and equipment for teaching, learning, research and development.