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Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering (FKEKK) started its operation since the formation of Kolej Universiti Teknikal Kebangsaan Malaysia (KUTKM) in 2001. FKEKK support teaching and learning in electronics, computer and telecommunication engineering field. It is located at main campus of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) in Durian Tunggal. FKEKK currently offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees. FKEKK’s first office is located at Taman Tasik Utama, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. At this point of time, the lectures and tutorials were all conducted at the shop houses and laboratories setup at Phase B. Among the course offerred at the faculty includes BENE, BENC and BENT.

By year 2005, FKEKK became the first faculty to move in at the new campus location in Durian Tunggal which is the main campus for KUTKM. The students and staffs survived the at the new campus despite lack of facilities available being the first faculty stationed over the main campus. The only entrance to the university at that point of time is through the Durian Tunggal entrance while the Ayer Keroh entrance was still under construction in 2005.  A one stop centre was prepared at one of the laboratory space in FKEKK during that time to accommodate the need for the students to perform their registrations and deals with academic issues with the Academic Administration Division (BPA).  FKEKK students were also provided with a small library equipped with books related to electronics for use of the students instead of going to the main library which operates at Taman Tasik Utama.

With the rebranding of the university from KUTKM to UTeM by February 2007, FKEKK continue to move forward to become a renowned faculty through out the country. This was reflected by the involvement of FKEKK as the main organizer of the Asia Pacific Conference on Electromagnetic Applications (APACE 2007) in collaboration with IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Malaysia chapter. The conference was a very successful event which receives an overwhelming response and participation from the researchers and academicians around the world.

Besides the conference, FKEKK is very keen and aggressive in developing its academic curriculum to further expand the courses offerred at the faculty. This was proven with the additional course approved by the Ministry of Higher Education which is named as Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Wireless Communication) or shortformed as BENW. FKEKK receives an additional 60 students every year enrolled in this course.

In December 2017, FKEKK has introduced its own emblem to project new identity and aspiration of the Faculty to strive for excellences. The logo presents the motivations, consolidations and capabilites of all stakeholders in the Faculty to achieve the greatest accomplishments.

final logo

Video link on the launch of the FKEKK logo

Download logo FKEKK (High Resolution)

Download logo FKEKK (white)