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Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Honours

A programme that is designed based on the latest trends of education and the future needs of en-gineers, taking into consideration of the borderless world, sustainability, and demographic changes.

UPU Code: CK07

Computer Engineering for the world!

The Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Honours (BENR) offered by the faculty is a broad-based course which combines engineering science, mathematics, computer engineering fundamentals, and develops in students the mastery of computer engineering principles and applications to solve complex computer engineering problems.

Curriculum Structure

In the first two years of the curriculum is to lay a strong foundation for the student on area of mathematic, electrical and electronics, and computer programming. To further strengthen the competency of the students, two engineering practices (Computer Engineering Practice I and Computer Engineering Practice II) is offered at semester 2 and semester 4. The engineering practice is arranged in such a way as the room for further improving the student programming skills based on the feedback on their previous subject as the feedforward CQI.

Preview the curriculum structure here!

Immersive Learning Project

Bachelor of Computer Engineering programm integrates an Immersive Learning Project where the 3 main elements (Nodes, Cloud and Gateway) of Internet of Things (IoT) is carried out in across 3 semesters, respectively. This immersive approach in first two years of the programme will be the platform for the students in pursuing more specialized topics in third and fourth year including their Integrated Design Project and Final Year Project.

Career Path

Three carreer paths are identified in this programme as the initiative to support the pillars of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, in which the students will be facing by the time of graduation in 5 years time. The carreer paths are Embedded System, System on Chip and Computational Intelligence, originated from the TalentCorp Industry-Academia Collaboration involving major E&E industry such as Motorola Solution, NI, Altera and Siltera.

Specialization Courses

This programme three specialization tracks that will be enrolled by students as elective courses.

Hanim Abd Razak, PhD

Head of Department

The engineers produced by this programme shall have engineering knowledge that is broad-based, innovative and have the flexibility. The curriculum also meets the requirement of the engineering discipline established by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC).


Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektronik dan Kejuruteraan Komputer (FKEKK)
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