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FKEKK Expertise

Dr. Abdul Rani Othman

RF & Microwave, Antenna Propagation

Dr. Badrul Hisham Ahmad

Microwave Filters, Dielectric Resonators, Antennas - Swtiches - DGS

Ir. Dr. Kenneth Sundaraj

Mechanomyography (MMG),
Electromyography (EMG),
Image / Signal Processing,
Virtual Surgical Simulators,
Lung Sound Analysis

Datuk Dr. Mohamad Kadim Suaidi

RF & Microwave, Antenna Propagation, Optical Communication

Dr. Zahriladha Zakaria

RF & Microwave,
Antenna & Energy Harvesting

Dr. Zulkalnain Mohd Yussof

Digital Implementation of Signal Processing Algorithm,
Digital Baseband Signal Processing for Wireless and Wired Communication Systems,
Video and Video Compression Algorithm

Dr. Abd Majid Darsono

Statistical Signal Processing, Audio, Speech & Acoustics Processing, Machine Learning for Signal Processing

Dr. Azmi Awang Md Isa

Mobile Radio Communications,
Satellite Communications,
Wireless Location Technologies

Dr. Fauziyah Salehuddin

Device and Process Simulation of CMOS, Optimization Approach (DOE) and Variability of nanoscale device

Dr. Mohamad Zoinol Abidin Abd. Aziz

Antenna Design,
Microwave Engineering,
Wireless MIMO Communication System

Dr. Mohd Shakir Md Saat

Nonlinear Control Systems,
Polynomial Control Systems,
Wireless Power Transfer Technologies

Dr. Muhammad Syahrir Johal

Wireless Digital Communication

Dr. Nurulfajar Abd Manap

Multi-view and 3D Visual Signal Processing,
Stereo Vision,
3D and Free-Viewpoint Applications,
Image Processing

Dr. Lim Kim Chuan

Embedded Deep Learning Inference Optimization,
Image Processing,
High Performance Computing

Dr. Low Yin Fen

Signal & Image Processing,
Artificial Intelligence,
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Dr. Soo Yew Guan

Embedded System, Bio-signal Processing

Dr. Abd Shukur Ja'afar

Wireless positioning,
Indoor Positioning,
Machine Learning,
Antenna design

Dr. Afifah Maheran Abdul Hamid

Microengineering & Nanotechnology,
Simulation and Modelling CMOS using Statistical Method

Dr. Ahmad Sadhiqin Mohd Isira

Control System
Multi-agents System,
Sliding Mode Control,
Consensus Control,
Fuzzy Control, Nonlinear Systems,
Process Instrumentation,
Pneumatic Control & Systems
Containment Control

Dr. Amat Amir Basari

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System,
Suspension Control System

Dr. Anis Suhaila Mohd Zain

Nanoscale Device Design and Simulation,
Variability and Reliability of Emerging Technology Devices,
IC Design for Biomedical Applications.

Dr. Azdiana Md Yusop

Energy Harvesting,
Control System,
Thermoelectric and Solar

Dr. Hazli Rafis Abdul Rahim

Optical sensor,

Dr. Mohd Muzafar Ismail


Dr. Noor Azwan Shairi

RF and Microwave Engineering

Dr. Redzuan Abdul Manap


Dr. Zaiton Abdul Mutalip

Optical wireless communication,
Visible light communication,
Fiber optics

Dr. Zul Atfyi Fauzan Mohamed Napiah


Adie Mohd Khafe

Organic Device, Sensor, Control, and Tomography system

Dr. Anas Abdul Latiff

Nonlinear fiber optics,
Fiber technology,
Electronics and photonics integration

A. Nasoruddin Mohamad

Radio Propagation,
Radio Navigation,
Communication System,
Mobile Communication system,
Aquaponic System

Anuar Jaafar

IC Design, Aging Sensor, Reliability, Processor Design

Dr. Faiz Arith

Computer Engineering

Dr. Farah Shahnaz Feroz


Maizatul Alice Meor Said


Dr. Muhammad Idzdihar Idris

Computer Engineering

Dr. Muhammad Noorazlan Shah Zainudin

Computer Engineering

Dr. Noor Shahida Mohd Kasim

Telecommunication Engineering

Dr. Norhidayah Mohd Yatim

Computer Engineering

Siti Fatimah Sulaiman

Industrial Electronics

Fakrulradzi Idris


Dr. Farid Arafat Azidin

Sensor Technology

Fauzi Hj. Abdul Wahab

Optical Communication

Dr. Hanim Abdul Razak

Nanoelectronics, silicon photonics, device modelling and design, optimization approach (DOE)

Hanissah Mohammad@Sulaiman


Dr. Hazura Haroon

Silicon Photonics, Optical Device Modeling & Design

Dr. Ho Yih Hwa

GPS Navigation, Ionospheric Scintillation and Radio Propagation

Dr. Imran Ibrahim

RF & Microwave, Antenna Propagation

Dr. Juwita Mohd Sultan

Hybrid network, Wireless Communication, Quality of Service, WiMAX, LTE

Dr. Khairuddin Osman

Control System

Khairun Nisa Khamil

Industrial Electronics

Dr. Khoo Chin Foon

Biochemcial modelling, Mathematics (Numerical analysis)

Dr. Kok Swee Leong

Sensors and Instrumentation,
Piezoelectric device & Application,
Energy Harvesting Device & Application,
Thick & Thin Film

Dr. Mai Mariam Mohamed Aminuddin

Medical Electronics

Dr. Maisarah Abu

RF and Microwave, Antenna with Metamaterial (FFS, AMC, EBG) and RFID

Dr. Masrullizam Mat Ibrahim

Digital System, VHDL Design, Electronics

Mawarni Mohd Yunus


Mazran Esro

Industrial Electronics

Dr. Mohd Azlishah Othman

Sub-Terahertz and Terahertz devices, Microwave Engineering

Dr. Mohd Riduan Ahmad

Computer Systems, Wireless Communications, Lightning Physics, Electrodynamics, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Wavelet Techniques

Dr. Mohd Sa'ari Mohamad Isa

Antenna design and measurement, Metamaterial (FSS, EBG, AMC) design and application, Modern antenna development

Mohd Shahril Izuan Mohd Zin

Mobile Radio & Satellite Communication, Networking, Navigation System

Muhammad Raihaan Kamarudin

Computer Engineering

Muzalifah Mohd Said


Noor Asyikin Sulaiman

Control System

Norazlina Abdul Razak

Mathematic Engineering

Dr. Norhashimah Mohd Saad

Digital Signal Processing, Medical Electronics, MRI

Dr. Norihan Abdul Hamid

MEMS & NEMS Fabrication Technology, Renewable Energy, Human Interaction and Robotic

Dr. Norizan Mohamad


Nur Alisa Ali

Computer Engineering

Radi Husin Ramlee

Computer Engineering

Dr. Ranjit Singh Sarban Singh

Computer Engineering

Ir. Ridza Azri Ramlee

Industrial Electronics

Sani Irwan Md Salim

Reconfigurable Processor Design

Dr. Sharatul Izah Samsudin

Instrumentation & Control

Siti Aisah Mat Junos@Yunus

Computer Engineering

Siti Huzaimah Husin

Industrial Electronics

Dr. Siti Khadijah Idris@Othman

Photonic, Optical communications, optical switching

Dr. Siti Normi Zabri@Suhaimi

RF & Microwave, Antenna Propagation

Dr. Siva Kumar Subaramaniam

Industrial Electronics

Dr. Syafeeza Ahmad Radzi

Embedded System, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Deep Learning

Vigneswara Rao Gannapathy

Broadband and Wireless Networking, Mobile Communication Wireless Mesh Network (WMN)

Dr. Wira Hidayat Mohd Saad

Medical Imaging , Image processing and Embedded System

Dr. Wong Yan Chiew

Analog and Mixed signal CMOS circuit design, Power management system, Mobile/portable smart devices, Adaptive/Artificial algorithm, Reconfigurable RF circuitry, CMOS controller, Microelectronics Optimization

Dr. Yosza Dasril

Optimization, Computational Mathematics / Fuzzy

Yusmarnita Yusop

Industrial Electronics

Dr. Zamre Abd Ghani

Renewable (Photovoltaic) Energy Conversion, Power Electronics/Converters Control Systems - dSPACE-Based Intelligent Three-Phase Inverter Controller and Grid-Connected Inverter Controller, Industrial Electronics and PIC-Based System Applications.

Zarina Baharudin Zamani

VLSI, IC Design, PCB Design

Zarina Mohd Noh

Computer Engineering, Microprocessor

Zulkarnain Zainudin

Power Electronics, Embedded System & Medical Electronics