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Electronic Engineering Department


Industrial Electronics Department undertakes the industry related electronics engineering field. The scope of the industrial electronic course covers control, instrumentation, device application and electronic circuits – analog and digital – for the purpose of analysis, design, improve electronic system quality and industry related processes.

Besides to produce students with sound basic knowledge in the field of electronics, this course also instills in them the skill to operate and handle industrial electronic equipment in line with the current industry basic requirements through laboratory activities and application oriented learning.

During the final year, students will be required to perform final year project. The course further prepares the students to apply the main technology currently available in the industries. Among which are industry robotic systems, electric drive machine, pneumatic and PLC systems.


Ir. Dr. Kenneth Sundaraj

Dr. Mohd Shakir Md Saat

Dr. Kok Swee Leong

Dr. Ahmad Sadhiqin Mohd Isira

Dr. Amat Amir Basari

Dr. Azdiana Md Yusop

Dr. Hazli Rafis Abdul Rahim

Dr. Farid Arafat Azidin

Dr. Khairuddin Osman

Dr. Mai Mariam Mohamed Aminuddin

Mazran Esro

Dr. Norizan Mohamad

Ir. Ridza Azri Ramlee

Dr. Sharatul Izah Samsudin

Siti Huzaimah Husin

Dr. Siva Kumar Subaramaniam

Dr. Yosza Dasril

Yusmarnita Yusop

Dr. Zamre Abd Ghani

Adie Mohd Khafe

Siti Fatimah Sulaiman

Noor Asyikin Sulaiman

Zulkarnain Zainudin

Hafez Sarkawi

Haziezol Helmi Mohd Yusof

Khairun Nisa Khamil

Siti Amaniah Mohd Chachuli